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The Beauty of Black and White Photography

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Color or Black and White Photography?

First of all, black and white photography is far from a lost art. Many professional photographers (including myself) really love the simplicity of monochrome works.
Hey, how many people still buy Ansel Adams photo books for their coffee tables? 'Nuff said!

Black & White Photos Easy!

Digital cameras come with many features, and one is the ability to try black and white photography. This type of photograph has, in recent decades, become less popular.
This is because many people decided they preferred color pictures, and the price for color is more affordable.
Some cameras come with settings for black and white photography, and most photo editing software comes with the option to change color photographs into black and white.
No matter which way you choose to achieve the look of black and white, you may find that you fall in love with the results.

Why Learn about Photography Anyhow? What are the Benefits?

Contrary to what I stated at the beginning, black and white photography IS somewhat of a lost art. But, many photographers and novices are finding they like it more than color for portraits or close up photos.
The benefit of Black and white is that it often adds an element of mystery to a photo which color cannot capture.
Photos in black and white are especially popular for portraits and candid shots of young children. Black and white photography adds an intimate feel to a photo that you may not find in color.

Black and white is also a great alternative for nature photos.

A photo of a single flower or a tree can be stunning in black and white.
For a unique photograph, you can then take that photo and add color to just one part of the photo using your photo software. I now use Affinity Photo but there are many other software programs on the market from which to choose.
Another thought is that you may want to try adding a touch of color to only the flower petals, or in the case of portraits, just the iris of someone’s eye.
With digital, the possibilities are boundless!

More Ideas for Black & White Photos

Black and white pictures are even more striking when they are framed and hung in groups on your wall. When your children are playing quietly with each other, snap five or six photos of them a few seconds apart.
Take these photos and turn them into black and white. Then, buy a set of three or four matching frames and hang them on your wall in a cluster. You'll enjoy the results.
Although it is a matter of preference, it is easier than ever for you to try black and white photography.
If you own a good digital camera, it won’t cost you anything to try out black and white, just to see if you like it.
And, if you still aren’t convinced, you should at least give black and white photography a try and have some fun with it.
Look through that shoe box and use some of your existing photos and turn them to black and white using a photo editing software.
Study the photos side by side and envelop the feelings they reveal.
Of course, it's impossible to put everything about black and white photography into just one article.
But, you can't deny that you've just added to your understanding about photography, and that's time well spent. Now, go get your camera and take some amazing black and white images!

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